Where to buy M200 Foam?

Where is the best place to buy some M200(firmer) minicell foam? I need it 3/8-1/2" thick.

I am not sure if it is what you are …
looking for, but paddlers Tom and Debbie Almy from Florida stopped by for a few days on their way north to NY via the big Raystown shindig, and Tom showed me some firm stuff that he got at Harbor Freight.

It was just about that thickness, and firm and there were four large pieces for seven dollars.

He was using them for the back mat in his SUV , so his two dogs wouldn’t tear up the floor.

We are heading there tomorrow to pick some up for ourselves. We will be using it for the pads on the bottom of the canoe and also for the back ,mat of our car.

jack L

This place claims to sell it
No personal experience, just the link http://www.kayakfit.com/

I’ve used that place. Had a good experience, and they’ve got lots of good outfitting supplies and advice.

OP does not state the reason for
needing firmer foam, but if one is laminating foam layers, a way to firm up the result is to lay on a cloth layer, using contact cement, between the minicell layers. I use glass, polyester, or Nylon boat cloth because I have it around, but probably cloth selected from old clothing would work also.

For that thickness
Look for the jig-saw puzzle anti-fatigue floor mats.

Often available at exercise equipment stores or places like Christmas Tree Shop or Tuesday Morning.

That is the stuff I was talking …
about above, and we just picked up some at Harbor Freight today.

Jack L

Foam N’ More
I’ve had good luck with Foam N’ More. They’ve got the best prices I’ve ever seen for a 24x24x4.5" block of foam. I think I paid less than $30 a few years ago. But then again, I also picked it up in person, so I could avoid the shipping.

Just look under their closed-cell then microcell foam.


And their ebay store.


another one

Sweet Composites

This place is run by the former U.S. Olympic paddlers, the Hearns (David and Jennifer). They know their stuff. Call them up and tell them what you are doing and they will help you get it right. They are in Maryland but they ship anywhere.


Great suggestion
Patrick this is what I’ve been looking for to get the large pieces(over $75) without shipping charges. Thanks for sharing the info. David (Proud Onno paddle owner)

I’ve got a 2’x2’x3" block sitting around