Where to buy Neoprene Hatch Covers

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I need to replace some leaky neoprene hatch covers on some Necky and Seaward boats. Not looking to spend an arm and a leg, but want something that will last a long time. Any leads?

I’ve been looking for them for 6 months for my 2 Necky boats and have come up dry. Im considering hiring a local dive shop to create a couple out of neoprene for me.

Seals or Seaward.

Have you checked with Seals to see if they will make them for you?

Did you try Tom at TopKayaker? You can directly message him through the website and he is often able to help.

Have you tried TopKayaker?

Search Results → necky neoprene : TopKayaker, Your Online Outfitter

Search Results → seaward neoprene : TopKayaker, Your Online Outfitter

I get my Necky neo covers from TopKayaker like was posted. Currently three Neckys in my sphere of influence. :wink:

Good news! Topkayaker had the proper neoprene cover for my Necky. I got it yesterday and it fits perfectly. Thank you doggy_paddler and raosborne!!

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If anyone is ever stuck with a slightly torn or over-stretched neoprene hatch cover, I was able to patch the edge of mine using some thin neoprene that I harvested from an old dry suit. I used contact cement to glue the patches on the neoprene. It’s ugly, but it worked.

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I really appreciate posts sharing home-grown solutions! And with contact cement you only get one chance to position the surfaces to be bonded correctly - zero open time. I’d say you nailed it. Thanks for sharing.

Topkayer is The Bomb for vintage boat parts (and a lot of new ones). I “rescued” a neglected 2003 composite Perception Avatar 2 years ago from a barn sale, a model they only produced for 2 years, and TK actually had in stock both of the exact very odd-sized skinny oval neoprene inner covers for that kayak’s hatches.

I skimmed through this thread thinking “Why has no one said Brooks Paddle Gear?”, as I think they made the original Seaward covers.

I googled Brooks and it goes to Top Kayaker, so I don’t know what happened but maybe a name change or sale of the business or change in business model?

I’ve bought several skirts/hatch covers/cockpit covers from Brooks and they always worked well, and service was great. Maybe easier for those living in Canada too: https://brookspaddlegear.com/

The Brooks website has been wonky for a while and if you email to ask a question they don’t respond. Dunno what’s up with that. But Tom at TopKayaker has always been responsive and helpful. Glad the OP got his or her hatch cover.

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