Where to buy neoprene

What kind of store sells neoprene? I need to get a piece of neoprene to cut up and cement to my four Mako saddles. The hard plastic saddles have rubbed some of the gel coat off the hull of my QCC.

Good sources online for Neo
but here is my favorite!!


The only trouble you might have is deciding which type/thickness/color/pattern you want most!

try this
http://www.questoutfitters.com they carry alot of items and have decent prices


one more

…oops, forgot
this one!!! They also have lots of other useful outfitting items for your boat!


Another option…
Cheaper option… I went to Walmart in the craft department and bought sticky backed felt.

I bought the black felt and you really cant even tell from a distance that I modified it at all…

The sticky back is extremely sticky and adhered very well… Ive had them on two months now and they are showing no signs of peeling off.

My kayak slides on and off much more easily and the scratching has reduced immensely.

After applying the felt to the whole surface of the saddle, I then cut the felt away from the grey rubber bar that the strap tightens on. Worked fantastically!

Best of all… I think it cost me less than $3 to do all 4 saddles. At that cost, I can afford to replace them on occasion if needed. So far the wear is little to none. I am pleased.

( I am living in Kodiak, where we get lots of rain and saltwater kayaking has not peeled them off yet.)

Hope this helps.

Neo is really sticky
I’d rather use yakrackbooties an wash them on occasion. to each their own.

I know there used to be …
Several custom wetsuit shops around. One I remember was on 95 around Hollywood…

Mako pads
Call Yakima, they know the problem and will give you a set of felt pads with peel off sticky backs ready to apply to the Mako Saddle. Its the least they can do, since you beta tested their products for them.

I agree on the Mako Felt Pads
I put the Yakima Felt pads on my Mako saddles for the same reason. They are cut to fit, have adhesive on the back, are easy to put on, have the center cut out so the rubber grippers still hold the hull, and they work great.

I highly reccomend them for a composite hull.

Happy paddling!

Or …
… go to Target or any other mass-merchandiser of camping equipment and buy the cheapest closed-cell foam sleeping pad you can find. About 6-8 bucks. Clean the rack cradles and the foam with alcohol before using contact cement to glue pieces of the pad on, then trim to shape with a sharp utility knife. The polyethylene commonly used for such pads is more slippery than neoprene, thicker, and likely won’t be degraded by UV sunlight as quickly as will neo.

And you’ll have enough left over to make a set of rack pads for your friend, a heel pad for barefoot paddling, and a butt pad for shoreline breaks.

Butt pad…
Now that is a good idea. Sandy cheeks are no fun.

Neoprene Supplier
Textile Outfitters @ http://www.justmakeit.com/fabrics/marine/neoprene.html

has lots of colors and thicknesses range from 1-6 mm. Plus you can get it cut to size. They also have a nautical fabric section, check out:http://www.justmakeit.com/fabrics/marine/index.html

Very cool.