Where to buy repair gel coat?

I’m going to need to do some purple/wine colored gel coat repairs on the stern of my Hemlock Shaman. The later ones don’t have gel coat but mine was on of the first out of the mold and it has gel. I’ve got a small area at the stern that is going to need removed/replaced about the size of a quarter.

Kevlar felt skid plate to cover it?

If it is on the bottom
I’d just marinetex it until the next time.

You’re right, I could do about anything

But I’m slowly learning a few composite repair techniques as opportunities present themselves. I haven’t done anything with gel coat yet and figured a minor stern repair is as good an opportunity as any.

Noahs in I think Seattle.
Google “Noahs” in seattle area…its a boating biz…mainly sail boats but they have a lot of marine as well as kayak kits and gel coat…I think they have a 100 page catalog online too.

you can buy wood and kits for kayaks too