Where to camp on Delaware Water Gap

Planning on taking my wife and boys (7 and 11) on a camping/canoe trip. Would like to take a long weekend at the Delaware Water Gap.

Does anyone have advice on campground on the water? There are a number of places to choose from, but would appreciate any pointers.


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Check this link:

I've stayed at the campground at Dingmans Ferry. Its not bad. Als Kittitanny has their River Beach camgpround a few miles upstream from the watergap.

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I live right at the Gap. There are a number of campgrounds in the immediate area - both publically and privately run. On the NJ side of the river is the Worthington State Park - State of NJ. It has both improvided and primative camp sites. On the river itself, the NPS has several approved primitive sites. In addition, the Appalacian Trail runs through the Gap. There are several areas there to camp - don’t use the shelters, they are for the through-hikers.

To find private campgrounds go to www.yellowpages.com and type in your criteria.

If your camping at the one of the river sites, then I recommend any of the sites just above the confluence with Big Flatbrook (see the map on the NPS site). I have been doing weekends here for the past ten years, and this is my favorite spot.

FYI: I did a weekend trip at the end of May and there was still a lot debris/damage from the two recent catastrphic floods and Old Mine Road was closed, so call the park service before you go.