Where to drop in @ Sabine River

Need help. I am going to Sabine river for the first time and want to know where I can drop in at and also pick-up from. Where would be the best place?

The Sabine is a typical long Texas river
You are asking a very general question, maybe it would help if you specified what part of the Sabine you want to paddle. The section below Toledo Bend dam is very popular. Always, one of the best places to start exploring Texas rivers is Texas Parks and Wildlife, they give a decent overview of the river and places to launch and take out:


You may want to contact these folk about river information:


And, then, there is TexasLady here. She knows the area well.

Sabine River
Tack-a-Paw outfitters is the place. They’ll run a shuttle for you and/or rent canoes as well. Here’s the addy :


Have Fun!

Sabine river
Duh…I was thinking it but ittranslate to my hands…yes below toledo bend.