Where to find 8-32 elas-stop, wing nut

I decided to replace the 8-32 wing nuts Wenonah provides for fastening their older style foot brace. I want to replace them with wing-nuts that have elastic stop rings.

This turns out to be nut the big-box stores don’t stock. Also, it turns out to be difficult to search for them on the net. You can find lots of pages that contain the search terms, but they tend to be pages of fastener supply houses. These pages list lots of items, including 8-32, wing nuts, elastic stop nuts, etc. However, they don’t specifically include the 8-32, wing nut, elastic stop nut, in the same item.

If anybody has a hardware source they think might be able to provide this nut, please let me know the source.

Thanks in advance.


wing nut
hi …i have never seen a wing nut with the plastic stop material in them… wing nuts are meant to be put on and taken off easily , by hand. I seriously doubt wing nuts with plastic stops in them exist …better to go the washer/lock washer/ wing nut route. the elastic stop nuts are meant to be put on and not removed and not come loose under vibration, such as in machinery and aeronautics.


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Trout is probably right that wing nuts and lock nuts are mutually exclusive categories. But you could give McMaster-Carr a try, they carry a lot of hardware.


PS indeed they have them: "Nylon-Insert Locking Wing Nuts", on page 3208. However, the smallest size is 10-24 or 10-32.


wing nut revisited
Wow … i never knew they existed …1st i have ever seen or heard of them …sorry

Try this instead
Get your self a bottle of


Apply to the screws.

It’s not a “permanent” locker like Loctite. Essentially it turns the screw into a ny-lock screw.

A couple of split-ring lock washers
would cost about a quarter.

Guess I’ll go for thread goop
Grainger was better than other sources I found. I’d only have to buy 25. Other sources the minimum is 100.

Lock nuts help, but once they are loose, they have no use. In lieu of ny-locks nuts, I feel more secure with something like the thread goop.

Thanks, all,


Afterthought: Clevis Pin?
What do you think about changing out the bolt and wing nut for a clevis pin? I think you’d have to go to a 3/16" hole in the bracket and foot brace, and it wouldn’t be tight.

Think a little slop in the brace would make any difference?


a bit different approach
Wanna try these?


My link?
The site I linked seems to let you order just one tube.

Other ideas
How about swapping out the bolt and wing nut for a plastic cable tie? The kind that has the raised ridges on it that once you slide it thru the box end the cable cannot come back. Everytime you need to move the foot brace you would have to cut it off and replace it with new ones - but heck they are inexpensive.

Or use some plastic clad copper wire to route thru the holes and twist to hold in place - that would be reusable.

wing nut
Use Nylon wings. You can get them from McMaster-Carr. Thats what the racers use on their footbraces,

Second, McMaster-Carr. They’re a
topnotch resource. Most of the time when hubby or I order something (ground ship), it’s here the next day.

Check with BMO (nm)