where to find a boat

i’ve been searching for a fast wildwater boat. hoping for used, somewhat beat-up and cheap. not finding much out there, so i looking for guidance on places to look.

uh…tried this website? Go to the buyers guide and you can set restrictions ands stuff and search for a boat which fits your requirements!

This is tough.
I don’t think Dagger is making the Esox anymore and it is hard to find them used. Probably your best shot is a Wavehopper (not as good a boat) but none of the sites I know about has one for sale. I assume you know about

http://www.usawildwater.com/equipment.htm. I would be inclined to write to some people who do wildwater racing and see if someone they know is selling something.

Well I see you are in Minnesota
not much help but Northeast Paddlers Message Board has a good amount of WW boats go through their classified ads.

I would check for paddling clubs in your area, many have a classified page.