where to find joint for 2 piece paddle

I have an older paddle that is a single piece. It’s paddles are 90 degrees. I would like to know where I can get just the hardware (couplers) to make it a 2 piece paddle.

The reason is that I would like to buy a new paddle and use this for my “second” paddle. That means it has to be stowed and therefore, 2 pieces. Also, I would like to use the newer concept of reducing the angle from 90 degrees to something less than 90 degrees.

What kind of paddle?
Who made it, model # and material.

try this…

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paddle ferrules is what you are looking for.....


here's a start . good luck

Duckworks wins again!
Those folks are great for boat parts.

Lendal ?
How about Lendal - are these available for sale somewhere?

I think they are more durable as the joint does not have any play once tightened and thus are much less from subject to losening due to wear over time…