where to find more hip support?

Recently bought an older Aquaterra sea lion and need more hip support in the seat…Where can i find this extra padding?..



A local dealer might have outfitting supplies. All you really need is a chunk of foam and contact cement.


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try here

Get the full kit and some contact cement, sit in your boat and use your imagination.

Is a great site, and great people to deal with. Recently had a very good experience with them and posted a note about it here. They have all kinds of minicell foam both in bulk and also prefabbed shapes and sizes for specific uses. They also have nice smooth neoprene rubber for top layers that are clean and soft on the skin. They also sell the proper adhesives.

Garden kneeling mat

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This time of year most home centers and garden centers carry kneeling pads that are closed cell foam. Perfect for making some hip pads.

You don't want to be in too tight. You should be able to twist your hips a bit if you want to look back. You just don't want to be sliding side to side. My guage is: sliding my fingers between the pads and my hips.