where to find neoprene hatchs

I have an aquaterra sea lion (perception) that has some bad neoprene hatch covers. I have scanned the net and found that I can get some custom made, but before I jump into that I was wondering if anyone knew if the neoprene hatch covers off of the Eclipse would fit the sea lion. The Eclipse is really an updated sea lion and alot of the specs are the same. The hatches on the sea lion measure (roughly)



I couldn’t find the Eclipse specs at the perception web site. Any help would be great as I really want to get on the water soon—thanks


what i’d do

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I'd make a cardboard template of your hatches and a circumference measurment(of the rim the neoprene cover goes over) and go to your local perception dealer and compare. i wouldnt be surprized to find out theres going to be bunches of other boats that will randomly have the same hatch size. If the shape is just a bit off it doesnt matter, long as circumference is the same.
The "lengthxwidth" measurment is the last thing i'd rely on because a hatch with the same measurments may have a different shape and thus different circumference.

good idea rider
the only problem is that I live in what may very well be the armpit of the country :slight_smile:

We have no perception dealers within 250 miles of here. Here being very very south Texas. I understand what you mean about the measurements. I called a few perception dealers in Texas and they said they would check into it. I even thought about getting a guy who makes motorcycle seats here locally to look at them. Maybe he could copy the originals–without the stretch. I will keep looking. Anyone else with ideas, let me know—I want this boat on the water.

thanks, scott2

another idea
Try any sort of shops that do diving suit repair, they’d deal with neoprene on a daily basis and could make you a hatch cover no problem.


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Prijon boats also have neoprene hatch covers. They are in various sizes depending on the boat.


They are well made and have a nice bungee edge, sort o like a sprayskirt. If you cut and paste the link above, you can get in touch with Landis Arnold and his people (look at the contacts section; call them rather than email because their email is often down)and give the measurements of your hatch and who knows, maybe it'll fit, as neoprene stretches. Give it a whirl.

Here is a link to a picture of the Prijon system... notice that the outer black hatch cover is plastic, but the inner piece (hard to tell from picture) is neoprene with a pull cord like a sprayskirt.


reed chillcheaters
I know that chillcheater makes hatches. they are in england but can custom make your hatches and the mail only takes about a week.


all good ideas
I will check with a dive shop that is on the island and I will look into the Prijon hatch covers. Is Chillcheaters on the net? I will do a search for them later. The guy I talked to in Washington state about getting some made said it would take about a month because they out source them to a spray skirt company. I decided next weekend I am going to add some flotation to the cargo holds, tape up the cracks in the neoprene covers and hit the bay. Most areas close to shore are 2-4 foot deep so should I take on any water it wont be too bad—thanks for the help-----Paddle ON!!!


Been there done that…and…
I purchased an old Diamante that needed new neoprene hatches to fit under the fiberglass external hatches. I had a great experience with:


All you need to do is call them, send a tracing of each hatch…they were GREAT to work with. They are accustomed to doing this work all of the time…and btw have great sprayskirts as well…though as of late I am using and prefer a Brooks aquilisaq.

Good luck…


I will get in touch with snapdragon if perception does not come through. The guy I talked to in washington said they out source to spray skirt company, so I bet it was snapdragon he was refering to. Thanks for the heads up Bob.