where to find old Scupper parts

I have an old Ocean Kayak Scupper kayak. The front hatch has a hole in the lid and my local dealer says that they cant get those lids anymore. (rectangle w/rounded corners)

Are there places online that carry old parts? This is a great kayak that just needs a little repair.

thanks in advance!


boy I feel for ya
Call Florida Bay Outfitters in Key Largo. They just nay have one or may have access to one as they deal with so many sit on tops there.

I have two scupper pros and they are the best sit on tops out there in my opinion. Another option is to look at the RTM Tempo I believe they bought the mold from Ocean kayaks and it looks as if they have the same hatch in front.

good luck! let me know. I may need a hatch someday too!


still looking
thanks for the reply but that kayak has the modern hatch cover as well.