Where to find Used GP for rolling

I’ve been following the “Rolling” thread as I plan to learn sometime soon. Classes are out along with formal instruction. I’ll have to find the DVD(s) and do it myself.

My question is - - are there any used GP paddles to be found, or am I gonna have to make one myself. Buying a new one is out of the question as my wife would probably prefer to use it as a tool of personal enlightenment (upside the head), and I’d have to order it in as I have never seen one in the area.

Try qajaqusa.org
Someone will likely sell you a GP cheap

Actually I have one…
that is for sale. It’s a 90" Mitchell Horizon with 20" loom.


Has some light normal use scratches ,but I can poly them to look like new. I bought it factory direct{not a second} with P-net perks discount price new $169. I would be willing to sell it for $100,and you pay for shipping. I solo canoe now,but have used it in the canoe. It works well,but hard to store when using single blade while underway.Can send you digitial pictures if needed.If you really don’t want to spend the money,buy a red cedar 2 X 4 ,and make your own. Plenty on the board here have,and could give you some insight about carving one.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Turtle Paddle Works makes them too:


Someone suggested to me that I should try one too, but I’m not really the guy to build my own (probably lose a couple fingers and end up with a broomstick).

How do you pick the right size? I’m using a 215cm euro paddle now. Sorry to hijack the thread but maybe others want to know.

I’ll keep you in mind

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I see your way on the other side of PA. Might be doable. I may be in contact

That 2 x 4 is starting to look like a possibility. I have seen info on making paddles, and I have plenty of tools to do it, (Comes with building a custom home with weird shapes) and it would be pretty easy to hide a 2 x 4 looking object in my mess. I've got Ash and Beech boards hangin around, Pine by the plenty, but I'd have to put cedar together.

Hmmmmmmm - - - -

but that michell looks real nice (couldn't get to the site the other night from work - filter issue??)

Qajaq USA
Consider posting a “want add” on the Qajaq USA Commercial forum at http://www.qajaqusa.org/cgi-bin/GreenlandCommercialForum_config.pl/

It helps to know what size you are looking for. You can find sizing info on Don Beale’s GP page, or by reading through Chuck Holst’s instructions on making a GP on the Qajaq USA website.

Greg Stamer

Wow - - hadn’t been there before
Guess I’ll have to cruise through that site some time. Looks like lot’s of info to be found.

Thanks for the input, and no, I’m not sure what size I should be, but I’m currently paddling 240 in a Euro cheapie. Seems OK.

If I make one, I can always shorten it.

Beale site

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Go on the Beale site and look for the sizing information. It is very comprehensive.


There was a guy on ebay that was making storm paddles ..not very authentic but I think I got one for about 30 bucks..and while it may not be the prettiest paddle it works fine and I now use it on my composite boat as a spare. You will probably have to sand the loom down somewhat but that is easily done.

good luck

Most GP’s…
loom is measured with your arms straight out in front of you. The distance between your hands is the loom width you need. Mitchell has a fit guide about that. My measurement is 19" ,but they only made a 20",and it works well. I paddled with a 18" already,and no problem there either.I guess it’s up to you if you want your arms together,or apart. Some braces with a GP are extended,and you use the whole paddle,so loom length may not be that important. I prefer a soft shoulder loom end,because it is easier to slip you hand over the blade for extended use.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Betsy Bay Kayak
If you can find one, the Betsy Bay Greenlander(the 84" one) makes for a very easy transition from Euro to GP. I don’t use one as I prefer 3 1/2" blades and a 20" loom on an 86" paddle (I’m 5’11" with long arms), but it is the paddle I often offer to those who want to try out a GP.

bb, you actually use that storm?

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I recall I got one first from the eBay guy, and you asked me about it and I was clueless and didn't even know what a storm or a loom was. When I took it out of the mailing box I jumped up and down in my living room hard enough to rattle the water glasses in the kitchen when I realized I'd not given that "custom paddlemaker" my height, and clearly the dude thought I dressed out at 4 feet six inches tall and paddled a boat with a 10 inch beam. This paddle is either for a miniscule human being, or a humongous GI Joe. I swear to God, I thought that he must have guessed I was actually an Inuit for ordering that Greenland paddle; it never dawned on his almond-sized brain that the paddle was not going to Greenland, but to Illinois. I think Inuits run about two hands breadths higher than a prancing seal, being Chinese descendents and all. I was pretty enraged. Good thing the paddlemaker wasn't standing in my livingroom; I'd have likely harpooned him with it.

I was going to send the paddlemaker a wicked nasty email, informing him that I don't have an ounce of Aleutian blood in my veins and, although 5 foot 8.25 inches is not exactly Charles Barkley, I want a gdamned new paddle or he's gonna get some negative feedback that'll kill future paddle sales faster than an Inuit can kill and skin a walrus. Something like: "This dude f--ked me raw by shipping a tiny paddle". Once you and others told me to relax, that's a storm paddle with a special purpose and a unique stroke, I got a grip on myself. I watched the on-line video of the dude using a slide stroke and a light bulb went off on how this baby was meant to perform. I sat on my coffee table and practiced that sliding stroke. It was then that I had an epiphany: ah, THAT'S a loom and this freakin' loom is as thick as a red sh*thouse brick! This is what bbrasil meant. Then it was either to frig with it in my garage with 80 grit and plenty of Gatorade, or put the paddle to it's ultimate use.

It's been propped in the corner of my Hawaii themed guest bathroom garnering strained looks from nervous guest sh*tters ever since.

storm paddle
Must be a big surprise to get a storm when expecting a full length paddle. Storm paddles are typically 70-74" in length (a foot + shorter than the regular paddle) with the difference resulting from a very short loom, not blade length change. 86" with a 20" loom is a pretty standard size for a GP used on a solo touring kayak. Over 90" is often recommended for a tandem or a wide kayak, such as a 25+" folder. While there are guidelines for sizing, in the end there’s no right or wrong GP and it is up to the paddler to find the sweet spot.

Making your own : LINK
It isn’t too difficult: http://www.carvegp.com/

Fantastic Link.
Looks like this fella has all the info I need in a nice centralized place.


    • I’ll be cruising through the other links too, but this one looks like a good place to start.

yep I use it
I have no shame. I have fallen so low. I occasionally use paddles that are made by non superior, turtle, or Beale types! Oh the shame. Forgive me for I have sinned. I rolled with a 30 dollar GP! There is no hope!

Don Beale will straighten me out at Delmarva I am sure.

Should I mention the broomstick?