Where to find used quality paddles???

I’m desperately looking for a quality used (210cm-220cm) touring paddle…Can anyone recommend where to find one for around the $100 range or cheaper???I realize these things aren’t cheap but I really just don’t have the money to spend on a new paddle…


Sometimes sell of their rental equip at the end of the season. Some of them have decent deals on decent paddles. Check with your local stores if possible.

good luck
tough market, most people who buy high end paddles never sell them.

eBay under “kayak paddle”

DIY, Why Don’t You??

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You can make a decent paddle pretty simply - spruce shaft, ply blades, epoxy to hold it all together. Takes us about 6-8 hours of work, and >$20 of materials, to make one that weighs in at about 950 gms. Have been using mine for six seasons; nice light tough paddle that does everything I need done. There's more info and free instructions at
Any questions, drop me an 'e'
BTW - while you are there, check out Bryan Hansel's Siskiwit Bay design - you could build yourself a strip kayak to go with the paddle ;>))

personally, in six-plus years of paddling i’ve never seen/heard of a quality paddle (kayak or canoe) for sale. i would never sell a nice canoe paddle. then you just have a buy a new one.

I’ll Sell you One
I have a Lightning, large touring blade model, all-carbon, 215 cm length, right hand feather of about 70 degrees. This is a very light paddle. The Lightnings have flat blades, no spoon or dihedral. This paddle was over $300 when I bought her.

I will sell for $100 + $30 for shipping. Or you can take a look and pick her up in Waterford, Connecticut.

Email me if interested.

Epic via their website. They have “bargains” available on their website, but also sell “seconds” not listed on their website. The seconds are only cosmetic blems. I found one at the Jersey Paddler in Brick, NJ and got a 220cm Epic Relaxed Tour Hybrid 2 pc 0/60 right hand for $129. It was a great deal on a great paddle. Epic may be able to point you to some dealers where you could get a second if they don’t have any available to you directly.

Older paddles
seldom get sold. They usually become “spares”.