Where to find XXXL paddling gloves

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding finding XXXL paddling gloves? I am a male with “large” hands. I work in surgery. My sterile glove size is 9. I have tried both the NRS Hydroskin 0.5mm in XXL and the NRS Maverick 2mm Neoprene gloves in XXL. Both are way too small! My hands are forced into grotesque, camped positions. Wondering if anyone has any experience with something bigger. Any help is appreciated.

I would bet you need to go custom at that size.

I have big mitts too, but a XXL always works and I mostly just force my hands into xl as even XXL are hard to find in most gloves

Brand name will come to me soon. I’ll be back


perhaps pogies would work better for you?

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I’m not finding anything bigger than XXL. Any specific models you are referring to?

I have thought about pogies and have considered mittens…but would rather find a glove out there that fits if I could.

This looks promising. I will give them a good look.

I haven’t found anything bigger than an XXL anywhere. The problem with glove sizing, like any other clothing sizing, is that sizing is somewhat arbitrary. How often do we hear that a certain article of clothing, such as a certain make and style of shoe, will “run small” or “run narrow” for example. I’m happy to order gloves to try on a certain make or model, but if they don’t fit, return shipping and handling starts getting pretty expensive.

Ring size is?

Buy on amazon cost you nothing to ship back or ship if prime member. Friend could order them if you have no account. Now you don’t even have to wrap or return in a box just throw item on ups counter. They give you a receipt and you walk away.

They are nice gloves with fingers that are already curved.

How does ring size matter?

Size of fingers, diameter of them I can’t get a large pair on. My problem is length is usually to long for me.

I use POGIES but when it’s real cold water I have gloves on my person in case of an extended water stay.

My ring size is 18 6’ 220-230 lb.

I see per the size chart that the Glacier Gloves XXL are for a hand 10 1/4" to 11" long. That’s some pretty big hands!

I’ve got a pair (size M) and the fingers are quite roomy.

My hand is 4" across from where thumb meets pointer, 4 5/8" across the widest, and 8 1/2" from wrist wrinkle to middle finger tip. Perfect Fit gloves size XL (Amazon) is a bit snug.

My paddle is feathered and having gone thru 2 sets of neoprene gloves I can say they don’t hold up very long. And they squeak. Now I wear normal ski or warm work gloves and bring a couple of extra pair. With my carbon/foam (vs aluminum) shaft paddle the pogies are warm enough but I wear the gloves because I get blisters with bare hands and hands don’t dry out under pogies.

I bought two different pairs via Amazon, don’t recall the brands. Ordered via A Prime, returned for free. I ordered a pair of NRS from OutdoorPlay and had to return them because they didn’t fit. Got my money back but had to pay $9.60 in return postage. I can’t keep doing that!
For what its worth, ring size is 12.5.
I measured my hand according to the Glacierglove instructions, the hand circumference around knuckles 2,3,4, and 5 is 10". According to them, that puts me in an XL. I could size up to the XXL…sure don’t feel like spending another $9+ to send them back. I’ll give their customer service people a call next week I guess…

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The first thing I would do is check with dive shops or online sites for divers. Keep in mind that most dive gloves are pretty thick and you probably don’t want anything thicker than 4mm.

Check commercial fisherman’s supply stores. They’ll have Atlas or similar gloves in larger sizes, which are cut to fit loosely, so you should find something that works. You may be able to find elbow-length gloves that you can use without seals. You can get wrist seals from a variety of sources, to make dry DIY gloves if you want to go that route. It’s not difficult to do.