Where to get 4" bag hatch

I am looking for screw-type 4" bag hatch.

I know they exist but it seems that nobody carries the small one.

Murray’s ? Murrey’s ? Marine

Beckson Stow-away Deck Plates
I have just ordered one directly from then because I did not find it anywhere.

This is the link:




There called Cat bags and
you can get the from Murrays Marine at 1800 786-7245 or http://www.murrays.com.

You can get 2 different type of hatchs–flat or contoured. If the spot you want to place it is not flat then get the contoured (arched) type. It may not match the deck arch exactly but it is better than a flat one.

I have one on the Hobie 17 I race and them are great.

4" hatch
Great. Thanks guys - that is exactly what I need.

I spent the whole day on google without finding anything.