Where to get cockpit trim?

I’m trying to find the black molding looking stuff that goes on the inner cockpit rim. I e-mailed kayakoutfitting.com and they said it’s called “trim lock” but I can’t find it anywhere locally (near Reading, PA)

I looked online (trimlok.com I think) but you have to order it in 250ft increments.

Where can I get some? I only need to repair a single boat.

Is this what you’re looking for?
It’s sold in 25 foot lengths but is still pricey–$29.99 for 25 feet. I bought three used Otters from a livery. One had trim on it that looked something like this stuff, the other two had theirs peeled off. I’ve been thinking about buying this, but keep thinking of other uses for thirty bucks.

Maybe someone else knows of a cheaper source.


(if this link doesn’t work, do a google search for marine flexible trim)

Yes, I think that’s it!
Thanks very much. I’ll look into it. I have an Otter too and the trim I need for my WW boat is just like the Otter’s. There’s another message about auto trim from PEP boys which I’ll check out as well

Found It!
Searched previous messages and found this website:

www.mcmaster.com Searched for push-on edge trim then had multiple size choices. This item number is EXACTLY the replacement for my perception 3D and my wavesport Y. I have not check my otter closely enough to see if it is an exact match

(description from my purchase order:)

8451 A473

Push-on flexible vinyl edge trim w/steel core single lip 3/32"-3/16" opening, 10 feet length, black same as 8451A47

$5.20 plus shipping (8.95 total)

Trim for cockpit
West marine will certainly charge you double for whatever you buy from them but a couple weeks ago and I think it was greyak was getting his from PEPboys an automotive super store or try any auto parts store. McMaster Carr as mention will most likely have it, just can’t get touchy feely with it unless you have a store nearby.


what’s it for?
One of my kayaks has it, the other doesn’t. What is it needed for?

Don’t you notice any difference? NM

Whats it for ?
I find its so you have time to relax and put it back in place each time you get in and out of the boat, of which reminds me I have a piece hanging in my garage from my CD Storm.

For Sale cheap .02 cents a foot, $ 97 bucks shipping and handling