Where to get nylon webbing for seats?

I am looking to find some nylon webbing to repair/replace my broken cane seats. I could not find it in both Lowes and Walmart’s. Can you tell me where I can get it. Thanks.

Most stores that sell climbing gear
sell webbing by the foot. If you don’t live near a store, try ems.com

nylon or polypropylene?
SeattleFabrics or OWF has both. Polypro doesn’t stretch or absorb moisture and so is the best for canoe seats.

Just a suggestion
I would look for ultra low stretch line–ie spectra, say 3 or 4MM. Weave that into the seats where the cane was.

I have the shoestring seat on my Supernova it is a very comfortable seat–much better than cane. I think the spectra would work out like the shoestring does.

Another Alternative
I have used lawn chair webbing. My local ACE hardware sells both the nylon 1" webbing and the 2.5" (?) lawn chair webbing.

My local fabric store stocks polypro
webbing which makes great seats. Doesn’t respond to moisture the way nylon does and is comfortable on long trips. 1" wide is about $.50 a foot. The last seat used 27 feet.

I found a place
Thanks for your reply. I think I will go for the POLYPROPYLENE webbing. The following link has the best pricing I have found on the web.


Fabric Softener
Wash your webbing in fabric softener before you use it. That is want horse people do to soften webbing. Poly is softer the nylon. Good choice.