where to get rudder

I’m looking at getting the yakima rudder kit for my kayak, but can’t find it anywhere. Does anybody know of some sites were I could oreder it from? The only site I found that has it is topkayaker.net and they are out of stock.


i think that i just saw a kayak rudder
on the 4letter auction site…ebay…

manufacturer or builder’s sites
If your boat manufacturer doesn’t sell one, the kit sites like Pygmy, CLC, etc. all carry rudder kits.

Check this link

Austin Kayaks - I have no affiliation, I’m just a satisfied customer.

yakima rudder kit
don’t think such a thing exists. There are Yakima footbraces though. Hey,mabye that explains why the Yakima footbraces are the way they are,they never made a rudder to begin with!

My $.02 is to order one from Seaward. They make nice rudders.

I would get the toe pilot foot control rather than the Yakima foot braces.


Patrick makes a carbon fiber foiled rudder kit that is really nice but pricey. I dont think I could justify putting it on anything but a top line boat.

Pricey ? By what standard ???
If these hand made / half the weight / better performing components were priced by ANY other aftermarket sporting standard they would be well over 600. This is not including the custom sizing and layup + all the helpful, from the heart advice that comes with them.

Feathercraft rudder = 165.00* -195.00 wt. 2.2 pounds.

ONNO version including same hardware as above = 300.00 wt. < 1pound

ONNO p-41 rudder 250.00 wt. < 12 ounces.

  • probably less on some website.

    Sheesh. Maybe I’ll just go make faux carbon dash accessories and not worry about trying to make a ( very ) little money for doing something i love while offering something better for folks who are interested.

    O.K. back on the ground now … LOL

yakima rudder is on perception boats…

By pricey, I meant it was not designed for a plastic boat where the weight is not going to matter that much. A light weight boat is what it was meant for and they are pricey too.

yakima rudders

two to look…