where to get this sun hat?

Picture can be found on www.bigfish.com,under flyfishing pics. Look 4 labelled spit free.


Its similar to the hats worn by Asians.
If you find out, let us know. The 4" brim on my fishing hat ain’t enough.

Kavu Chillba
is the name of the hat…Google image search it…Kavu makes really good gear…


hat search
Thank you for the reply

I’ve got a Kavu Chilba and its a great hat! Best ventilation of any hat I’ve ever worn, plus it keeps the rain and sun off. Some folks think it looks a little goofy though.

If you can keep those skinny kayaks
upright, to hell with what they think about your hat.

Those are my pics and the one your talking about is one I took of a buddy who has the same hat I do. If you want to see many more pics & videos of the hat in action look at my website (www.arkansastroutbum.com). Really the best thing about wearing it, besides the many functions of it, is the comments you recieve from others on the water. My favorite to this day is, “Forty years ago I’da shot you dead boy!”. I’ve also been asked if I was there to plant rice or catch fish etc etc. When somebody says something creative I always put my hands together and bow towards them. Good fun.

I highly recommend them… except for in high winds.


Sounds like an Arkasas comment.
Being the son of parents raised share cropping in Louisiana, I’ve heard that expression all my life. The hat looks great and appears to have a nice wide brim. I almost bought a ladies garden sun hat recently because of the brim, 7". Just a bit to tight on my huge head.

Like your prices for guide services, very reasonable. I’m more used to seeing $350 and up for a half day of kayak fishing on the coast.

Do you know Allen Crise? He’s a certified fly fishing instructor from North Central Texas?

guide rates
I can’t say that I know Allen. I think I may have heard the name, but I could be fooling myslef into believing that.

Coatal guide rates have always been higher. Hell it costs about 400 for a half day in Florida on a flats boat… and they don’t even provide you with lunch. I’ve never really understood that, but it could be something to do with underlying taxes etc. In Key West for instance the client is supposed too feed the guide lunch… what a croc.

I’m off to the river for three days so I’m not being rude and ignoring any responses… I just dont have the internet over there yet.