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I’m looking to put together a paddling trip with my wife and son in the Adirondacks this summer. We’ve paddled around the Long Pond area before, and would like to explore someplace different. Planning to be out around 3,4 days. My wife is willing to portage, as long as it’s not too far. I’m considering Lake Lila because I’ve heard good things about it. I’ve perused the Places to Paddle section, and have picked up the Ad.Canoe Waters, North Flow book, but quite frankly, all of this information is a bit overwhelming. Any suggestions from those who have been there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Been there,going back…
in 4 weeks to Fish Creek Pond Near Saranac Inn. Also Fish Creek connects to Little Square pond,Square pond,and Upper Saranac Lake. There is a nice Campgrounds at Fish Creek state park,right in the center of all three lakes. Actually going to be with a group of teardrop trailer campers,that are mostly paddlers too. Guy that sponcered the first trailer gathering has an excellent web page for Fish Creek that includes maps,campground info,boating info,etc.


When are you planning to go? I’ll be there June 14th - 17th campsite 244 Fish Creek State park.Stop by if you are up at that time. Just ask for Bill. Hope this helps.

Happy Paddling billinpa

adk trips
there are some very good trips around the st. regis canoe area that are easily scalable to the days you’ve set aside. for starters, check out st. regis canoe outfitter’s “route suggestion” site for some ideas: www.canoeoutfitters.com/routes.html you can also call them for suggestions.

You can’t go wrong with Lila,Except many others know this too.It has a 1/8 mi. carry from the parking area.many beautiful sites,a mountian to climb,nice sand beaches,loons,a nice curvey brook to explore with a carry towards Little Tupper if you want.

My wife and I camped on Snell Island for 3 days and she cried when we left!


The reason North flow is overwhelming is 'cause there’s so many places to go

Click on the interactive map @ this site for a short description of many of the possibilities


Are you looking to base camp & do day trips or move camp every day ? Is shuttle available ? How many miles or hours per day do you want to paddle ? What’s your limit on portaging ?

Lila is spectacular but many others realize this on a Summer weekend.(like the Long Pond in SRCA) If your shut out there Little Tupper Lake is just down rd (you’ll pass it on way to Lila)

Cranberry Lake
I really liked Cranberry Lake. It is bigger more open water than lots of the Adirondack Lakes and I like the more open water. There are 4 lobes to the lake with camping on Joe Indian Island in the middle. You could make one camp and do a couple of different trips out of that spot. Saw lots of Bald Eagles there this past Sept.


Adirondacks Trip

Thanks for the reply. My thinking is that we’ll likely paddle, spend a night or two, paddle, spend a night or two. Meaning in the four days we plan on being out, breaking camp for a new location only once. And branching out for day trips (either hiking or paddling) in between. The website you included was very helpful, I’ve just started to wade through it. There are SO many places from which to choose, that’s why I’m asking for help.


Cranberry Lake gets my vote.
I’ve camped at Forked, Long, Little Tupper and a few long trips. Cranberry is my favorite. There are forty or so campsites at the south to center of the lake, with a good launch site by the dam near town. The sites are about a 4 mile paddle. Some of them on islands and the quieter reachs of the lake. Say hello to the loons for me.

Follow the link…

This site has tons and tons of suggestions on Adirondack routes with all the details you could ever hope for. Have fun choosing!

3rd vote for Cranberry L
Based on the add info you provided inc desire to do some hiking, Cranberry L would make an excellent choice. Some caveats - It’s a very large lake & can get windy, very windy. You can seek “some” shelter in the arms or flows but need to be comfortable in big waves if winds come up while you’re away from camp. There are motorboats. Its not a non-motorized location like SRCA, Lila, LTL. Have never found them too bothersome as there’s plenty of room for them to spread out, unlike the hoards of paddlecraft you may encounter on a summer weekend @ Lila.

Rather than launching on Columbian Rd near village, instead use the access next to Pine Cone restaurant on North shore rd in Wanakena. (Follow Ranger school signs) It gives better access to more sheltered & scenic flows on lake & avoids village development(also closer to the 46 non-campground campsites).

There are numerous trailheads on Cranberry’s shores to very scenic places if you wanna hike from the lake. The easiest is a 15 min stroll from dock just E & across narrow Inlet flow from Ranger school. It yields the largest 400 yr old White Pine you’ve ever seen. The Sixmile creek trail out of West Flow passes beautiful Sliding Rock Falls in a few minutes. You can also hike to some pretty interior ponds, High Falls on the Oswegatchie, Bear Mt, Low’s lake, etc, etc.

Enjoy !

Adirondack kayak/canoe camping
Might want to check out Lowes Lake - just north of Lake Lila. I spent 6 days exploring both Lowes & Lila, and would go back to either in a heartbeat! Nothing beats the call of the loon at night!

not a fan of cranberry lake
i don’t like big lakes to kayak in, love them when sailing, but not when i have to do the work, so keep that in mind.

as previous posts have mentioned, it’s a big lake that has the potential of strong wind and choppy waves. i spent a week renting a house on it last summer.

i strongly suggest you request the free “adirondack waterways” guide from the adirondack regional tourism council. the map in it are very basic so you only get the major routes, not the little feeder streams, etc. that the north flow book has, which, as you found, can be overwhelming for the beginner.

the guide also has the routes mapped out for you, along with a little writeup. once you pick out a route that you like, then it’s time to hit the north flow book and get a better idea of what to expect.

since you mentioned hiking, get adk’s “guide to adirondack trails” book for the region you’re interested in for hiking suggestions.

i’ll again mention the st. regis wilderness canoe area. it’s a perfect place for your idea of basecamp/day trips because it’s full of interconnected ponds. there are also a couple of “great camps” for you to check out. lastly, it’s close to saranac, not too far from lake placid, for the end-of-the-trip celebration meal at a good restaurant.