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I have a Wenonah Adirondack Tandem canoe and I’d like to add a third seat but I’m not comfortable doing it myself. I’ll probably screw it up. Are there places that I could have this done for me?? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Four holes and you’re done
Measure twice and drill once. Can’t be that hard.

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If it has the aluminum gunnels, you can't drill and hang a seat from them. BUT, you CAN buy one of their seat drops from the factory or a dealer. They slide up under the gunnels, screw or rivet in and voila, a new seat hanger. You may be able to use a couple of the existing holes, so would only need to drill twice after drilling out the rivets. If it's vinyl gunnels, you CAN drill through and put in seat drops, but the aluminum hanger is sturdier IMHO. In that boat, you'd probably want the seat front about 1' aft of center if you kneel, 6" if not. I AM NOT MECHANICALLY INCLINED! I have dyslexia (seriously) and ADD (seem to, anyway) so it takes me twice as long to do most "Projects." But, I guarantee this is simple!

Check Wenonah’s site

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..and find yourself the nearest dealer. Whether you do it yourself or not, you'll want Wenonah's aluminum hanging bracket, and one of their seats, since they're a little different than the stock seats you get from Old Town or Mad River shops.

If you want to do it yourself, it's pretty easy. All you need is a 3/16ths drill bit and a pop rivet gun for installing the hanging brackets (they slide under the alum gunwales), a jigsaw for cutting the seat to length, and, if you're anal like me, a bench sander for slightly rounding over the cut ends, as on the factory original. If you want a shop to do it, it's pretty simple, and shouldn't cost more than $40-50 in labor on top of the parts.

(If you're in northern IL or southern WI, PM me, and I'd be happy to get you a quote on the parts and/or the install.)

but very satisfying to do it yourself.

Where are you?

not a hard job where are ya?

Where do you live?
What state or city do you live in? As someone may be able to advise you of a place to take your canoe to have the seat installed.