Where to go in NJ

I recently bought two SUP’s for my two teenagers. We live in Central NJ. Where is the safest place I can take them to use them? They are both beginners and I worry about currents and just not knowing the water well enough. I was told Sandy Hook was good on the bay side, but I am still uncertain. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Round Valley is good, clear water, motors are limited to 10 HP. It can get crowded on the weekends. Please use the hand launch ramp. It’s cool to go at night during a full moon. Sandy Hook on the bay side can have some serious tidal flow. Farrington lake, it’s shallow but a bit muddy, no motors. The same is true for Carnegie Lake, and you should know that the crew boats have right of way, so stay out of the lanes(you’ll know what I mean when you get there. Prospertown Lake in Jackson is a cool place to paddle, it the shadow of Great Adventure roller coasters. Please make sure they are wearing their PFD’s.