Where to go on a Texas overnight trip

I am looking at doing a two or two and a half day paddling trip. I will be renting all equipment so kayak or canoe makes no diffrence. I want to overnight at least one night (Friday-Sunday trip). This trip is planned in the back half of February if that makes a difference. I have never paddled more than rental by the hour stuff and may be takig others with me who are just about as inexperienced. Does anyone have any good suggestions as to where to go? I live in the Austin area and travel would hopefully be no further than 150 miles (a couple of hours)

Lots of good rivers!
You’re in a great location for canoeing in Texas.At your experience level I would recommend the Colorado River below Austin. No serious hazards, although the headwinds can get pretty stiff. Other rivers within 150 miles of Austin that offer paddling oppurtunities are the San Marcos, Guadalupe, Llano, the Colorado above Lake Buchannon, the Medina and the Frio.

Joe Pool Lake

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Stay at a lake, have a blast :

Without spending lots of time in the cockpit of a canoe, you simply will not have built up the muscles needed to paddle for 8 hours at a stretch.

Keep it simple for the first go around. Play on the water, paddle for a few hours, come back to base camp. Hang out, BBQ, take a nap, and then do it all again the next day. It should be fun, not an ordeal of survival.

Big Thicket.
I’ve done it, it’s a great canoeing/camping experience.