Where to go out?

Hi All,

I am pretty new to Kayaking and I wanted to know where I can go out with my Kayak without having to do the beach permit thing for now. I live in Huntington, Long Island, NY. HELP! Also it has to be accessible since my Kayak weighs 75 pounds.

Thanks. Dawn

Long Island Paddlers
Have you tried these folks?


where to go out
No… but I will thanks!!!

Some suggstions
Hi neighbor. I’m in Nassau County but can offer the following which do not require special permits:

In Port Washington (probably 25-30 mins from you) there’s Manorhaven Town Park. Boat ramp and lovely beach (for kayakers!). I’ve been putting in off the beach for several years without problems. No lifeguards; it’s not really a swimming beach because it’s got a coarse sand. Very beautiful to paddle Manhasset Bay and if you’re ambitious you can paddle across to City Island in da Bronx. You’ll have to pay to park your car in the lot but (hot tip) you can usually park on the street and carry your yak in thru the pedestrian gate.

In Oyster Bay, the town beach has a rowing club toward the western portion of the park. Also a nice beach area with free (at least it was last summer) parking. Park all the way toward the west, not near the boat ramp…I think they charge to park in that area. In general avoid the ramps: lots of yahoos who don’t know how to back up a trailer and have little regard for paddlers.

Cold Spring Harbor has lots of places to launch from. Just drive around the water and scout it out. Parking will be the limiting factor. There’s a permit needed to launch from the boat ramp but I’ve seen lots of beach space to the north. There a high school rowing club tucked away up there somewhere.

You could probably launch in Bayville, but those are swimmer’s beaches and they may frown on you being there with a boat…but worth driving by and asking. For your area, just hop in the car and scout the spots out.

Farther east of you, there’s State Parks that have river entry points. I think you find that information on the website suggested by the last poster.

Here’s a link
to the park in Oyster Bay. If you can find the Waterfront Center, then the beach is a few yard to the west of it.


Beekman’s Park
In Oyster Bay adjoining Roosevelt Park. The Carle’s Place EMS has classes over there as well. Parking is very close to the water if you can get a spot up front.

I may go paddling with some friends over there this Saturday. If I don’t go there, I’ll probably go to Empire Kayaks in Island Park. You’ll probably have to shell out $5, but you get parking near the water, lavatory, a place to wash your boat, bottled water etc. The water is really warm there also.

Paddling partners a real good when you have a heavy boat to carry.


Where to go out?
Well I have some choices now… I think I might do the Empire Kayak place on Sat or Sun.

That sounds real good for now and then I will check out the other in spots the one in Oyster Bay sounds good too… Thanks keep them coming…

get a cart - yr boat is heavy

If I were you I’d invest in a cart. The roller loader is also an idea

Where to go out?
I am definetely going to buy one I so one at Dick’s for 59.99 thats a deal…