Where to go SC or GA, month of March?

In March, I am thinking on visiting SC or GA coast to do a few things…

day paddle (I have a ‘glass sea kayak, paddle the Great Lakes a lot)
short paddle trip, one or two nights, two or three days
bird watching
day hikes

I am looking for one or more destinations to visit along the coast.
I would be car camping, and may paddle out for a few days.
I will be on my own and in a new place so nothing crazy.

Any destination advice you can provide would be appreciated, and…
best time in March (best weather, fewest people if possible or if it matters).
tide concerns?
and have to ask… gators and snakes?

Thanks ahead of time !!

Cumberland Island is excellent. I’m not promoting a tour group and I’ve never used one but you can do this on your own. Look onto it. http://jacksonvillekayakcompany.com/kayaking-paddling-news-from-your-up-the-creek-team/kayaking-to-cumberland-island-what-you-need-to-know/

I am from coastal southern SC so I can give you a bit of my experience. March can be really nice or a bit cool. Be prepared. When a cold front comes through, it will be pretty windy for a few days. I am not totally sure I understand what you are looking for but given the tides and extensive marsh, it is not possible to paddle down a creek near the coast and camp. You would have to camp on an island and there are some. Day paddles near the ocean can be great and sometimes we will time our trips to go with the tide both ways. There is a nice campground near where I live, Edisto Beach State Park. Many creek paddles and the ocean, of course. There are near coastal rivers near here, especially the Edisto River where you can paddle and camp. Check out Colleton State Park in Canadys SC. I have started quite a bit upstream from there for a nice five day trip. But of course, you can start anywhere. Closer to the ocean but still fresh water is Ghivans Ferry State Park. Great for birds and photography, we fish a lot and fishing around here is well known for trout and redfish. There is also great fishing in the Edisto River.

I also have experience in the Okefenokee Swamp and the Suwanee River. It can also be nice in March, about four hours south from here. You can camp and day paddle in the swamp at Stephen Foster State Park or can start at the Park and paddle as far as you would like. At the end of the swamp is a dam that requires a short portage. Great alligators there! Nice in March because the bugs are not crazy there yet. Check water levels as that time of the year we can get some flooding.

Just a couple of ideas, you will have a great time, quite unspoiled… friendly and helpful people everywhere.

Let me know if I can help.


Please don’t be overly concerned about 'gators and snakes. Yes, they exist and no, you are not on their menu. Mind where you put your hands and feet. Don’t mess with the wildlife and you’ll be fine.

Thanks all!! This is great, may bump this as I get closer to March.

If you go to Cumberland call and see if the camp site you are planning on going to is open. They had some hurricane damage and parts are closed. Which is academic since you have to make a reservation ahead of time.

Also be very tide wise. You don’t want to be fighting the tide or getting into the way of the sub base.

Okefenokee has camping spots in the swamp. The chickees took some hits during hurricanes and fires so they may be limited call for current status. One of the trips our canoe club takes goes from the Folkston entrance at the canal to the Fargo entrance at Stephen Foster State Park. The last time they went though the fires shifted and the ranger came by and chased them out. OK, told them they needed to leave. Fires are more of a summer , thunderstorm, problem. The swamp now is full of water and beautiful.

National Park pass gets you 50% camping discount.

National Park pass gets you 50% camping discount.

Stephen Foster State Park is a state park on federal land. It is good for car camping with day paddles.

Gators will post for pictures and be wary of people but real quiet this time of year. (Cold blooded)

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