Where to go

My wife wants us to go on a romantic trip to the Carribean this summer, I know not the best season. She want to go to a ‘romantic’ island. The first thing that popped into my mind was bonefishing, she didn’t really like that idea.

So my question is where is a nice ‘romantic’ island that also has some great paddling, if not bonefish flats. She like to paddle, so that idea should fly.


We did a week-long family vacation over last Thanksgiving to Nevis (near St. Kitts). I was able to paddle a bit in rented SOT’s and the family did a night paddle in the bay off the northeast part of the island. It seem to be a bit more remote and less crowded than other 'Caribbean’islands. Also romantic without kids.

Did not check out any fishing.


Lots of paddling, diving, even fishing if you can steal a day from the marriage. Inland hiking through rainforests.

St. Barts
Check out St. Barts. Beautiful beaches, great food. You can get some great deals in the off season if you do some research. Look into renting a villa. I didn’t fish or paddle but did alot of snorkeling and saw lots of game fish.

I’ve been meaning to make it down there, but could you suggest any resorts in particular? I wanted to dive there and bonefish as well.


Eleuthera, Bahamas!
The wife and I went back in Feb…this island is very laid back, no casinos, very little night life, but a few great hole-in-the-wall venues where you might just walk in to see Lenny Cravits on stage.

We hit several beaches over the week, and had all but one of them to ourselves. There are several caves to explore, great fishing, great snorkeling/diving and most of all PEACEFULL!..and non commercialized. One side of the island offers the Atlantic Ocean, while the other side is the Caribbean. Very friendly native folks too! All sorts of paddling places.