Where to install drain in Old Town Rush?

Need to know where the best place to install a drain plug kit would be in an Old Town Rush kayak. Not really any flat surfaces on this boat except for the hull itself which I’d rather not install the drain on.

Here is a picture of the Rush


Appreciate any help.

You want it on the stern deck as far back as you can get it, It’s ok if its not a totally flat surface.

Next to the cockpit
I’ll agree that in the tail is kinda a traditional place for the drain but I’ve started seeing them next to the cockpit so you don’t have to stand it up, just roll it over on it’s side. I installed one in my daughters OT Otter, centered front to back, 5" from the outside edge of the cockpit. Looks the the Rave and the Otter might use the same hull.


You don’t need one
I have seen some newer designs with a plug on the side to drain the boat just by leaning it over but that was a sit on top. Your Rush doesn’t need a drain plug, it’s very easy to turn it upside down and pour all water out by lifting the kayak one end at a time in a see-saw fashion. One person can do this by sitting one end on a rock or root and raising and lowering the other end to allow the water to pour out. A sponge will get the last few drops and you’re on your way. Much faster than lifting the kayak on end and pouring the water through a small hole.

Sea kayaks dont have drain plugs…
And they are used in rougher waters.

Get a sponge, tip the kayak around to get most of the water out, then soak up the rest.

It works fine :slight_smile:

That boat looks very similar to our
little nine foot long Perception Keowees except you have a compartment in your boat, where ours has foam flotation in the bow and stern.

If that compartment has a bulkhead, which I assume it does, you have no other alternative except on the bow top as close to the bow as possible.

The drain is a great addition to those boats to get the remainder of the water out after you dump or pump most of it out.

I installed ours on the stern deck just in front of the foam floatation.

Good luck,

Jack L