Where to join youth kayak cross?

Hi Everyone,

My 16yo is not into sports, with the strong exception of kayaking. They are interested in trying competitive kayaking, like this: Competitions - ACA

I’ve been googling and I can find the Olympic-grade stuff and the casual, fun stuff. But I can’t find anything like a youth league. Is there such a thing?

We’re in the NYC area and willing to drive.

Thank you!


Contact Marshall Seddon of The River Connection. He may be able to help. He’s also a member here.

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Thank you!

The link you included for the ACA was just for their general competition page - there is a lot of types of competition. You mention cross in the subject, so I assume you are talking about boater cross?

Boater cross is a subset of white water kayaking. A start toward this would likely involve becoming proficient in white water kayaking.

You may want to check out the Kayak and Canoe Club of New York (https://kccny.org/).

An here are lists of rivers that have white water runs in:
New York: New York White Water Rivers and Paddling Spots
New Jersey: New Jersey White Water Rivers and Paddling Spots
Connecticut: Connecticut White Water Rivers and Paddling Spots

Note - not every river is runnable all the time, and there are different skill levels required for each river.

Might be worth considering sending the young one off on a multi-day or week long kayak camp at a river that regularly has water. Closest might be the Delaware River. One of the most famous on the east coast in Nantahala (where they filmed Deliverance) in North Carolina. NOC would be recommended school - Kayak Paddling Technique Lessons | Nantahala Outdoor Center

I can’t personally vouch for this org. but it seems like a possibility.

Thanks! They have a few years of WW under their belts but they’d like to get more serious about it. I’ll check those out.

Yes, youth competitive kayaking leagues do exist. Contact local kayaking clubs, the American Canoe Association (ACA), and community sports programs for information on youth leagues and competitions. They often provide resources and guidance for young athletes interested in competitive kayaking.