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We are planning a trip to Salt Lake City and Park City in August. We need to rent Kayaks - at the put in as we are renting a small car. I haven’t found a place to contact for rentals. Any desitination suggestions?

Some ideas …
There used to be an outfitter that rented kayaks on Antelope Island. I highly recommend doing this if you get a chance. But in August it will be hot as hell. Do it early in the morning or late at night.

I believe there is an REI in Salt Lake that rents boats.


DeerCreek and Strawberry are fairly good sized lakes. There are lots of smaller lakes near park city. Here is a list. Henefer on the weber river is actually fairly close driving time to Park City. If you want to paddle take a day trip to Bear Lake and stay overnight. Camp at the East Shore campground near the Six Mile Fence on the Utah Idaho border.

when i lived in slc there was NO place to rent at any put-in so my guess is the same. How about buying a folding boat OR double kayak raft that you can blow up? It will fit in any rent a wreck.

there are some places to paddle in Utah

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that aren't that far from SLC. I have lived in Utah for quite some time and have been paddling in almost all the lakes and slower waterways. Some of my favorites are the Salt Lake, Lake Powell, and Starvation Reservoir (by Duchesne--2 hrs east of SLC). I have posted a trip report in 'places 2 paddle' on this site for Starvation, check it out.
FYI, Utah can be a very windy place, especially in the afternoons.
You can rent just about everything you need from the University of Utah's Outdoor Recreation center on campus. Call: (801)581-8516 or go to this link: http://web.utah.edu/campusrec/outdoor_rec/index.html

Thanks for the Link !!!
I’m hoping to make a quick trip in September, I did not know about the U of U rec center.

When I attended Utah State University a long time ago they also had a great outdoor recreation center, I don’t know if they still do or if they rent boats, but I do know Scott Datwyler rents Canoes and may have some kayaks in Logan at Trailhead Sports.

ur welcome
U of U campus rec has a lot of gear and they have started renting to the public to help pay for the program. You will pay slightly more than a student or alum will, but still much less than a place like REI.

Have you decided where you might go? Powell is really nice that time of year, and it’s big enough that you can get away from a lot of the boat traffic. It is a far drive but worth it. There is are kayak rentals at various marinas like Bullfrog and Wahwheep.

If you go to the Great Salt Lake, be prepared for a few things: stinky water, mud, and very large open water crossings if you go ANYWHERE other than around Antelope island or the GSL marina near Saltaire.

Strawberry will be chilly with not much to see and large open water crossings, Jordanelle has a ton of boats, Deer Creek, Echo, and East Canyon are all really small. Powell would be my 1st choice and then Starvation a close second.

Thanks for the tip
Thanks, that should help. We only have a few days so I don’t think we’ll make it so far south as Powell… Next trip.

Thanks for the leads.

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