Where to keep a kayak in Austin?

I’m trying to decide, should I store my kayak in a rental space and take it out (it fits in the bed of my truck), or should I see if I can find a dock space somewhere on Town Lake? I live in a third story apartment, so keeping it at home is not an option. What do you urbanites do?

is your best bet. This keeps critters out and it is much safer. One more important thing, if it is a plastic kayak, dont hang it by its carry handles. that would cause it to look like a bannana. If the boat has a flat bottom/hull, storing the kayak right side up resting on its hull will be fine, but if it has a V or rounded hull/bottom, put it on sawhorses with the saw horses at the same place under the kayak you would see a bulkhead .

Keep it in your apartment
If it will fit in your truck,you should be able to get it inside. Storage is expensive. I keep 3 kayaks in my bedroom closet and 3 in the livingroom of a 2nd story 1 br apartment in the OC.

I Live in 3rd Floor Walk-Up…
Do what I did…

Get a sister who has 10 acres, two car garage and pole barn out in country near lots of put-ins :slight_smile: