Where to launch near the Calvert Cliffs in Maryland

Any suggestions as where to launch near the Calvert Cliffs in Maryland, other than the 1.8 mile hike from the parking area. Thanks in advance…

Although I haven’t launched from there, some of our members have launched from Flag Pond Nature Park. There is a fee to park and about a 0.5 mile wheelable trail to the beach. It is about a 3 mile paddle to the shoreline of Calvert Cliffs State Park itself.

About a mile further north are Matoka Beach Cabins with a beach. Also has a launch fee.

I typically launched from Solomons, but that’s a 20+ mile round trip paddle, and I hear there are new restrictions on launching there.

Do not launch from any of the community beaches along this area. The locals will tow your car and have you arrested.

Be aware that you are on big open water, so watch the weather conditions. Large areas along the cliffs have no way to get off the narrow beach and with high tide and stormy weather waves can wash right up to the cliffs in some places. The cliffs are unstable and a death has occurred in the past when a section collapsed, although this would be a freak occurrence.

Many years ago, BG&E used to own Camp Conoy, which is south of the power plant. The Camp was locked up, but Camp Conoy Rd goes all the way to the bay and its a couple of miles south of the park. Not sure what the access is like now though or who owns it. When I lived in Lexington Park, we would drive out there to fish. It was a great spot for blues.

Supposedly the property along much of Camp Conoy Rd. is privately owned now and some fairly expensive homes have been built along it. It would probably take a drive down it to see what is there now and if lands are posted. It’s hard to tell even from Google Earth because Camp Conoy Road has multiple branches.

Supposedly along Calvert Cliff State Park itself, it is forbidden to walk on or under the cliffs due to safety considerations, but I’ve never been challenged. About all a ranger on top of the cliff could do is tell you to move along.

The cliffs are pretty soft, I can see why they would want you to stay clear. You could be trapped in a slide for days before someone found you. They stopped letting people take fossils out of there a long time ago too.