Where to Miami - upper Keys

We are going to stay in lower part of Miami mid Feb. for about a week.

Looking for some different places to go for nice day trips.

We are only about 1 hour from the upper Keys like Key Largo etc.

Perhaps in the Everglades eastern side.

We are beginners


florida bay

– Last Updated: Jan-29-07 8:24 AM EST –

if you're in the mood to go to key largo, Florida Bay Outfitters will let you launch from their location and even provide a laminated map of the area. from their beach you can explore blackwater sound, or, if you're feeling even more adventurous could make a long day out of paddling to nest key (one of the few keys in florida bay that the park service allows you to land on). lots of options that the folks at Florida Bay Outfitters can assist with. they can be reached at www.kayakfloridakeys.com.

closer to miami, Biscayne National Park has paddling opportunities, though for a day trip you'd pretty much be limited to exploring the mainland edge.

i'd recommend "Sea Kayaking Florida and the Georgia Sea Islands" by James Bannon.

hope this is helpful. have a good trip.