Where to Paddle Around Savannah, GA

I am going to be in Savannah for a weekend in February. I’d like to find a place I can paddle where I am not likely to get wet (somewhere with a dock) and with minimal murkiness or creepy crawlies. It doesn’t usually bother me when I’m around home, but in a new place by myself, I prefer to minimize anything potentially scary. I found a map that shows some docks toward Tybee that I might do, but I’d like to hear from anyone who does or has paddled there. Thanks!

probably going to need a dry suit or at least a wet suit. Don’t know where the alligators go at this time of the year…Seriously, there is a kayak shop on Tybee (seakayakgeorgia.com on US Hwy 80 West 912-786-8732. Watch out for the tides that can range about 8 feet with lots of powerful current. Don’t get lost in the marshes.

how did it go?
Did you get some paddling in? Surprised that no one else had suggestions for you. Either way, it is a beautiful area.

still no responses…
have noticed that standup paddlers do not respond… only one response and that was to paddling on flat water…Appears to me that paddle boarders need their own site because this one appears to be useless to anyone with an inquiry. Too bad…not even the poster of the inquiry responds back to people who take the time to answer.

try that forum, but even that one doesn’t cover a lot of flatwater paddling in the southeast.

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There are literally thousands of miles of waterways w/in Chatham County to explore. I am primarily a sea kayak guy, but I've found SUP to fill a special niche for me.

Lazaretto Creek boat ramp just outside of Tybee's city limits is good access if you do not want to deal with Tybee Island's extortion level parking fees.

Also, Alley 3 public boat launch on the South end of Tybee is a really great place as you have access to a lot of varied waters. Be prepared to pay through the nose for parking and time expiration is strictly enforced.

Skidaway Narrows (aka Butterbean) in southern Chatham county has a lot of SUP traffic too. It's very sheltered but has a lot of intracoastal traffic

Thank you for responding! I checked the site every day prior to my trip but there were no responses. I checked after I got back, but not since then. I did not end up paddling because it was pretty cold that weekend, and I just didn’t know the best way to fit it in to the schedule. I hope to go back down there and paddle sometime, though. I love paddling in new places, but sometimes it can be a bit scary since I’m typically alone, so I try to do some research on the areas before making the attempt. Nothing’s more frustrating than lugging Larry (my paddleboard)to a new spot that looks great on a map but has a sketchy loading/unloading area or murky/rough water! Sadly, I typically just go for it and end up paddling for my life against current or having to unload/load from a dock 5 feet above the water.