Where to paddle for the day in Charleston (Mt Pleasant) area

I’m an experienced paddler and have been paddling in Shem Creek in Charleston for a long time, but the boat launch is currently closed. I was wanting to explore the Isle of Palms or Sullivan’s island more because that’s close to where my GF and I are staying. Any recommendations for launches, trails, trips, tides, etc…would be super helpful. Nothing crazy because my GF is a very novice paddler. Thanks so much!

I have launched from Remley’s Point in Mt. Pleasant and enjoyed cruising under the Ravenel bridge and around the warships at Patriot’s Point.
Tidal flow can be easily managed for a pleasant few hours.
There was a throw in at a park on the Charleston side where you can paddle The Battery and out to Castle Pinkney.
It’s been years since I’ve paddled there so do a little investigating before you go.
Also, you can launch from the IOP
Marina and paddle to Capers Island on the ICW but that may be too much.
And I didn’t answer your specific question.


String covers that area well. I have launched on the other side of Charleston Harbor on Johns Island at Melton Peter Demetre Park. There isn’t a ramp but steps down to a small beach. I paddled to Ft Sumpter and back from there.

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