Where to paddle in Jacksonville, FL?

In Jax for the weekend. Might be able to rent a canoe somewhere and get out for a day. Flying in there i could see lots of rivers. Like I say, would need to rent a canoe to get out. Ideas?

http://seasurfsup.com/ in St. Mary’s, GA. I believe there is an outfitter in Fernadina Beach also.

Looks like fun,
But I like canoes on rivers more, no offense to all the kayakers here😄

there are
paper mills.

St Mary’s has an outfitter


Been to the Oke ? if not consider


as a world class destination. There’s platform camping.

Bird migration in progress.

Till the wind blows
All the rivers are tidal. You could go up to Yulee and try Lofton Creek but to the best of my knowledge there are no liveries. Lofton is pretty and protected

wrong park

correct park