where to paddle in Sweden

Going there at the end of the month. Have 3 days (overnights) to paddle around the Stockholm Arch. and 4 days (overnight) to paddle the north sea (next to Gotenberg) area.

Any recommended trips or advice paddling those waters.



I’m just back from Sweden.

We did an 85 km tour in Karlskrona (SE Sweden).



We’d planned a 100 km trip in 3 days, but shortened it because of the bad weather the first day.

planned route see here;


On the westcoast a trip around the island Orust should be nice (north from Goteburg near Uddevalla) it’s 100 km around the island.

If you want GPS tracks from these trips I can email it.

The west coast have tides (less then 50 cm). On the east side are no tides.

Here you find a story (in Dutch) and pictures from the Aland archipello, not far from Stockholm;


feel free to ask,


I have, in my email
which I just located by the way (the specific email I am referring to), a list of links associated with kayaking and wilderness travel in Sweden. Given to me by one of my clients two or three years ago while she was in Newfoundland, and I took her on several days of trips. Email me if you want me to forward it on to you.


Just paddle north or south
along the coast from Goethenburg. I like it best about 200 km north, from the norwegian border south. It is sheltered and has a lot of islands. Lots of places to camp. Scandinavia has the law of “the rigt of way”. You can camp and stay anywhere as long as there is not a house within 150 meters, for one night.


You’ve chosen two great areas to paddle. I suppose you will be renting a kayak? Here are two companies that I’ve heard nothing but good things about.

Outside Stockholm:


North of Gotenberg:


I suggest that you book a rental kayak and let them suggest a trip when you get there. Simply pack your camping gear and buy food before you leave the cities.

Here is something about public access in Sweden:


Happy paddling!

//Anders (in Southern Sweden)