where to put in the saint croix canada

wondering about putting in around vanceboro only on the Canadian side of the boder.

wondering about taking out in loon bay area on canada side.


Put in
at St Croix…there is a put in on each side of the border…the other one being in Vanceboro and take out at Loon Bay Lodge.

The tyvek map St. Croix Waterway Recreation area is very good.

Available from

St. Croix International Waterway Commission

Canadian address: #5 Route 1 Dufferin, St. Stephen, N. B. E3L 2Y8

American address: Box 610, Calais, ME 04619

telephone: (506) 466-7550

The website links to the map does not seem to work.

you can also take out

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on the US side of the river opposite loon bay lodge---there is a dirt road in but you have to either spot a car there or arrange for someone to pick you up. I think Sunrise County Canoe offers a shuttle service---you might call them--the number 888-490-9300 or 207-942-9300

I have to put in and take out in canada.

how about grand falls dam to take out?

Don’t know
I’ve never paddled that far down—I’ve always taken out at loon bay—the Tourism Dept of New Brunswick used to have maps and printed guides of Rivers that you could pick up at certain oftheir rest stops at certain border crossings(Houlton–Woodstock, Fort Fairfield–Perth) these contained a really good description of the river and various take outs—they did have one for the St Croix but it’s been years since Ive looked for one—you best bet is to call Sunrise County Canoe and ask—worst they could do is say no we won’t help you.

proly do tha,t thanks.

at Grand Falls dam

I got my map from Canadian Heritage Rivers System Its got all the portages and campsites on both sides of the river.

No on the Woodstock welcome area

don’t turn up you nose at those maps
All the Tourism NB sites used to carry river maps specifically designed for paddlers—I suspect the one you have is identical–I had them for the Restigouche, the St. Croix, Lower St John and the Marimichi—couldn’t ask for better maps for a paddling trip— listed dams, rapids, portages campsites and access points and had just about everything else you would need to know to paddle the river. Unfortunatly I lost them all when I moved back from New Brunswick.

not turning up my nose
but they arent in that one area…

I would contact Canadian Heritage Rivers directly.

They are the ones that put them out and if any are left in their closet its worth asking.

I have several of the maps but its neither here nor there to the poster. All he needs is one and help in getting it

probably a smart thing to do
It’s been 12 years since I last got one–Tourism NB may not have them now.