where to start with teens

I am wanting to take 3 adventerious teens on a canoeing/camping trip and dont know where to go this time of year.We plan to go Mid October. We are veteran campers but new at canoeing. Any suggestions are welcomed

Tchoutacabouffa River
Not sure where in Miss. you are. When I lived in Biloxi we used to go up the Tchoutacabouffa River right at the Highway 15 crossing. The river is very placid there, no problems heading upstream or down. Lots of sandbars for camping.

I think a good place to start with
teens is neutering them.


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do you speak from past experience in raising them or being one of them?? LOL

I may sit here and laugh but the twins are heading for the 'tweens and I remember all to well what it was like raising their older now 23 yr old brother.

My oldest said the best thing I ever did for him was to get him involved with and joining him in outside activities, skiing, snowboarding, bikeriding, hiking, swimming, running and rollerblading.

As a big brother he applauds the torture I put the twins through, all of the above activities and a few more.

Whenever the pressure of just being a teen really got to him, he would pull out his bike and ride and ride. Or go running cross country for what seemed like hours to me.

teens are not only stressful on us, I was an overly strict parent with set curfews, but it is also stressful on them

we usually realize after they have grown up because we're so busy pulling our hair out or pounding our head into the walls

Have a look at this site
Canoe Camping USA or something like that. The Pearl River sounds like a good place to start, but not sure if you are near it. http://members.aol.com/Mmcbs/index.html

Bogue Chitto River

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Put in southern Miss. near McComb to insure good water levels. There are several outfitters that can help you with rentals and/or shuttles. Nice clean water, good current, and lots of wide sandy beaches to camp on. Plenty of wildlife, good fishing, and you can make the trip as long or short as you need.

My daughter is 14 and she loves this river.

We have 3 grown kids. Two were
typical teens , one was pretty rough for all of us. Even the problem child liked camping . All 3 are happily married now.