Where to stow bilge pump?

This question isn’t quite as daft as it sounds. The first time I had the Santee XL out, the hand pump stuck between the seat and the gunnel paid for itself when I had to use it to pump out in an area that I couldn’t just dump the boat out. (Long story) As mentioned, in that boat, the pump fits nicely on one side of the seat, the sponge on the other.

On the Cape Horn, the pump gets stuck under the fore deck rigging. Simple.

But, on this little RPM Max, there’s no room beside the seat. There’s no deck rigging. When the aft flotation bags are inflated, there’s no room behind the seat, and there’s really no room forward, that my legs don’t take up. What do you playboaters and riverrunners do?

Or do you all just rely on being able to get out and dump the boat, or use the drain plug? The time I wiped out in the Santee, that was not an option, as I had to get the boat empty, before I could get it out of the boil, and expecting others to come in to get me wasn’t a considerate option. I really want to have this pump with me, if at all possible. Even though this is considered a “high volume” boat as WW boats go these days, it sure seems pretty low volume to this canoer.

yep…a dump NOT pump…drain plug for a reason…makes life easier…

What if I just partially deflate one of the airbags, slip the pump in the back, and then reinflate the bladder to pin the pump in place? That way I’ve got it, but it’s not likely to be flopping around in there with me, and I’ll have the option to dump or pump as situation indicates? :wink:

Do you really think
you can reeneter and pump out in fast moving water?

WW boats

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People don't carry pumps in WW boats. If they exit the boat, they pull it to shore and turn it over and use remove the drain plug to ge the remaining water out.

In practice, anything that isn't attached in a WW boat is likely to be washed out in a "swim".

interesting, I’m curious
Have you never been in a situation in which that was impractical? My first real WW, my first dump in WW, and my first pump out were all the same day. I made it to a rock ledge, but there was no room to get the boat out, and I couldn’t lift it out anyway, because it was full of water. So, I knelt beside it and pumped it out, and got back in and rejoined the group. (This was a rapid WAY above my skill level, and had this trip not been billed as a beginner trip, I’dve NEVER gone through this particular washing machine rapid without a helmet, and with my current lack of skills.) Did I mention I was in the Santee XL rec boat? That boat’s tougher than I thought it was, that’s for sure. Notice, that I soon after, bought the RPM Max and a helmet and am doing an all day skill clinic this weekend.

Bend over and shove it
into one of your socks.

Mount it under the foredeck
Minicell mounting blocks are easy to make and install. You can see some in my Kayak Outfitting album on Webshots at:



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Where do you get the minicell at?