Where would you go for warm water

Kayaking,Scuba Diving and maybe some surfing? I would like to find a nice place with a decent hotel and maybe do some kayak camping too for 2 or 3 nights. I have about 10 days to use up.

Two words
Costa Rica

Bay Islands Honduras

I would seriously consider checking into Belize.

I have heard very good things about the country. I have no personal knowledge, just friends that went there.

a little closer
Vero Beach Florida… But surfing is hit or miss in the summer, best waves fall and winter when the water is not so warm.

The Sea of Cortez, in November, can reach 85 degrees. Villa de Loreto in Loreto has everything you need to kayak, scuba dive or mountain bike. The dining in town is excellent. North of Loreto is Mulege and Coyote Bay. Coyote Bay is a kayakers paradise. Just about everyone who lives there, mostly gringos, owns a kayak. You can camp on islands as well as on shore. Coyote Bay is a bay within a bay. The Bahia de Concepcion, where Coyote Bay is located is where whales come to give birth. Mulege is a greatr little town to walk around in. The worst thing about the place is having to leave to go home. Aqua Verde, a small fishing village at the end of a very rugged mountain road that leads to the coast. If you want to kayak and see what Mexico is really like that is a great place to go.

Here’s a link to some photos I’ve taken while kayaking, including Mexico.


Water is warm in the winter. Excellent reef breaks all to one’s self. Clear water and coral reefs.

…and a vote for each…FloridaKeys, Costa Rica, Belize.

Very nice shots!
I hope to get some awesome shots in Baja next year! I’m going to Loreto.

Thank you
Thank you for the compliment. Getting great photos around Loreto ain’t hard.

Maybe I’ll be there when you are.

warm water
Try my Island…Galveston Island…near Texas. Warm ,Gulf of Mexico…A great beach side state park, excellent hotels, food, history…ETC.

warm water

Try out Texas! The Guadelupe an Blanco rivers are just great this year. Have had good rain

s that make for good rapids & falls.