where's Epic wings in Olympix?

so many paddling events, so few Epic paddles, what gives, don’t they sponsor pro racers? are their paddles unsuitable for this level of competition?

Bracca is the big cahuna …
on the racing scene.


Turbo is in use as well
and it seems these are the only 2 wing paddles in use by racers as far as i can tell.

jantex as well
Jantex Beta is also in use by some athletes making finals in flatwater.

Epic in Olympics
Sounds like a few paddles; but their boats took a medal today:


Most of the boats are
Nelo’s. Very few Epics in comparison.


Many more Nelo’s; also Epic’s first year.

I wish them well.
Lots of cognitive biases to overcome though. On another note, came face to face with one of the first black and white Swedish wing paddles today. A nice trip down memory lane. Seems like the patent pending sign on the paddle didn’t help much…

that’s pretty cool

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Idem used an old rule Van Dusen up through the 2004 games and competed well throughout (probably the only old rule boat on the line in Athens). Epic starts building slimline Dusens and there you go. Also interesting to note that shes almost 44 years old and this is her 5th medal in 7 Olympic appearances. Incredible actually.

As for Epic vs. Nelo in the games. The Vanquish II is an awesome boat, stable and fast. But, Nelo is at the top mostly because in addition to having a good design they get the right athletes in their boats and give good support to those athletes. Epic has an awesome boat. We will see if they can build a following in the next couple of years.