Where's that Eddyliner guy?

I want to find out if he’s going to be at the Demo Event in Cincinnati (Benchmark Outfitters) on May 3rd.

I’m liking that Eddyline Fathom LV (on paper anyway) and wonder if there will be one available to test paddle. The Benchmark people don’t seem to be sure about what boats will be available from Eddyline.

I can’t imagine
their newest model not being there.

That’s their pride and joy.

Email him a steves@eddyline.com

Me too
but they don’t have one in the store. Maybe he brings them in strictly for the demo, I’m not sure how that works.

thanks, I will NM

… I just picked up a Fathom LV over at Evergreen Outfitters in Ashville NY last weekend. Beautiful boat… should have my spray skirt by next weekend and I’m off into the wet stuff.

I’m 5’6" and about 150. The boat fits great. Spoke with Steve prior to the purchase and he was most helpful.

Most excellent!
Congrats on the new acquisition! Very exciting!

Hope you get your test drive in the Fathom soon, as the weather has finally come around the bend.

Have you given Steve a call? I don’t have his number handy but you can find it at the Eddyline website. I found him very easy to reach. He even mentioned that if I couldn’t find a color that I liked, he would arrange for a Fathom to be delivered to my home (but I would still buy it through Evergreen Outfitters).

I changed my preference from yellow to red, which Evergreen had in stock. I know that the boat was factor-fresh as when I pulled the hatch covers off, the odor of the glue was nasty strong :slight_smile:

Steve’s a good guy. He usually travels with at least 1 or 2 demo boats. I’m sure he’ll do what he can to accomadate you. I demoed a Fathom with him at a dealer in FL several months ago.