"which boat could you paddle faster?"

We were discussing one of the most popular questions, “Which boat is faster”, when someone suggested framing the question this way.

Does this actually get us around the futility of the original question? It places a context of type and skill level of paddler.

So, "which boat could you paddle faster?

How far?

On what kind of water?

Doesn’t seem to matter
what boat I paddle; over 10 plus miles, my average speed always seems to be about 4.1 mph, give or take. My newest boat, the CD Caribou is no exception but I like the way this kayak feels: it’s lively but still reassuring in gnarly conditions. I’ve been thinking about the Feathercraft Kahuna as a second boat and I’m pretty certain that I’ll average 4.1 in that, too.


Your boat.

the black one
red is pretty fast also

This must be the reason I’m always lagging behind the pack…

The one that is in front of you

You might have trouble getting insurance
for red kayaks, though.


The RED one of course
the one someone else paid for

the free one

Are you guys looking to enter a race or a get away boat?

Shouldn’t this be in the discussion

Somebody had to say it.