I am trying to decide on a new boat for speed… Since the ole speedster is a lemon now… Got hammered at the ski2sea race. I would rather have the tippiest narrowest longest lightest boat I can find. Balance is not an issue.(have run my speedster in classIII water for fun for years.) Mako Millenium, (twogood has the Mako Pro) Huki s-1x or the epic V-10. Or is there a faster less stable boat out there? And which one has the least amount of rocker? My friend Mike Gregory who moved to bellingham had a mako and I think another fast one but was sold on the huki. But I dont care for the flat spot on the bottom of the boat for all those that cant keep a boat up…(joke joke). So any feedback on any of these boats would be greatly appreciated.


can’t go wrong with those 3
The Mill remains the gold standard. Barton claims the V10 is slightly faster on flatwater, others differ. I’ve paddled it and the Mako and found the V10 definitely more stable. But the Mako is a great boat, particularly if you can keep the Tipster right side up. Sounds like you’ve tried the Huki and it isn’t right for you. Best argument for the Mill might be the price- you can get some really nice used ones for a song and the new ones aren’t expensive either.

BTW- Clegg is fast as hell. It might not have only been the boat…