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Hi, new to the board. I’ve never done any paddling, and I need some help in choosing the right Kayak. I’m 6’-2 195#‘s. I’ll mostly be going on a big lake where I live. I would however like to do some white water maybe up to class 2 or 3.

The kayaks I’m looking at are the Wilderness systems Pungo and Pamplico 14’ and the Perception America 13’. I’m really torn between which one to get… any thoughts??



Pamlico 140 owner !!!

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I'm a Pamlico 140 owner !!!! I love it so much -my favorite kayak !!!! All 3 kayaks are easy to enter and exit. Pungo 140 is fast and america 13 can haul 450 lbs. pungo 140 and pamlico 140 hauls up to 400 lbs. Pungo 140 has double hatches. A new kayak Perception just came out with is acadia 13. It's also a nice kayak. These kayaks are for lakes and bays and other flatwater kayaking only.


Pamlico 140





Which one
Thanks for the info… I’m going to see a couple this weekend…

Thanks again…


I don’t want to start anything here, but i’d take anything said by Pamilco_140 with a spoonfull of salt, i remember him posting about how to launch a kayak or get in it.

Pamilco would be an ok candidate for up to class 2 or so, pungo not really because of the hull shape,good for tracking but looks prone to catching on rocks and what not. Pamilco’s biggest limitation in my opinion is a humongous cockpit. If you plan to run class 3 you should learn to roll and that cockpit will not provide the grip you want.

My suggestion is either the Blackwater series from Dagger, Enduro 12.5 from Perception,Combi 359 by Prijon or Yukon expedition by prijon.

Keep in mind, anything with a recreational-mild whitewater tendencies will not be good tracking or efficient in a straight line flat water use.

Class 3 WW

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I don't do ww - but if you look around in the archives under under the boats' or manufacturers' names you are likely to find posts about the advisability of some of the boats you mention in class 3. I have read any number of times that it is a different animal than class 2 water, from people who are well experienced in those conditions, and likely have a lot of time paddling those boats in other conditions like wind and waves. Amongst the posts may be some more targeted information than you'll get from the manufacturers.

Thanks for all the help. I think I will mostly use the boat on the lake with some river and creek stuff on the side. Would this sway anyone one way or the other? Like I said I’ve never paddled before… Also I didn’t mention that I would like to put a child or a small dog in the cockpit for short trips on the lake…

Sorry for all the fuss, just want to make the right choice…



I have 3 points for you
1 - Talk to your local dealer, and test paddle every boat you can before buying one. Buying used for your first kayak is fine!

2. - Talk to your local dealer, and test paddle every boat you can before buying one. Buying used for your first kayak is fine!

3. - If you own a kayak that is decent for flat water paddling, it may not be any good for more than class 1 White water.

Touring & Recreational kayaks are designed to help them go straighter, as that is what most people like to do with them.

White water kayaks are designed to NOT go straight, so you can dodge obstacles in the water. WW kayaks are designed with directional unstability, so you can spin them on a dime. I went on a trip with a guy who had a WW kayak, and he wanted to do touring paddling with it. he got about 200 feet from the dock, and spent the next 20 minutes trying to get back to the dock. Without a keel line of any type, the wind was blowing him one way, and he was fighting to paddle another way.

A quick and simple explanation is that a longer, more narrow kayak will go faster, and straighter. A short and wider kayak will be slower, but turn easier. There is tons more to it than this, but as you get started, remember this point. You can learn more from here.

I have a 17-10" Impex Assateague I use for touring. it is 22.5" wide, and a reasonably fast kayak. For playing around, and class 1 creeks, I have an “Emotion” brand “EDGE” kayak. It is about 10’ long, and 28" wide. It is slower in the straight line, but tracks fairly well. I have used it in class 1 creeks, and it turns well enough for that. I would never take it on a 2 or 3 creek!

Good Luck in your quest.

class III…
Here’s a picture of a nice class III in Wisconsin that I run on occassion… http://www.americanwhitewater.org/photos/archive/6457med.jpg

I don’t think any of the boats would be appropriate for that kind of water although they all should do ok up to easy class II. Even higher class IIs, might be pushing it from a safety standpoint.

As for quiet lake and river paddling, all those boats should do well and they should all have room for a small child, dog, etc. in the cockpit. Try out each of the boats and buy the one you feel most comfortable in. Happy paddling!

I just went in and sat in the Pungo… It feels right. i have considered the tandom now and a single for later when I know what I’m most into. You guy’s have been great thanks for all the Knowledge. I’ll report back when I get it and test it. The good thing is that if you don’t like the boat you buy from this particular store you can return and get anything else within 90 days…

thanks again,


whitch one ???
I hope our info has helped. Whitch kayak are you buying ???

And a lot of water now called class 2
is actually class 3 if you read the original AWA standards and take them seriously. Read it and think.

best for beginner
Have you thought of getting the sit on top type of kayak? It will be much easier to use for a beginner. Much safer. there are several good ones that can easily be used on lakes or mild whitewater.

the best source for info is the forum at topkayaker.net.

My personal bias is for a quality inflatable, for the sheer lightness, and portability. inflatables and sit on tops are used by pro outfitters everywhere. Liam