which boat?

I’m trying to go from zero to kayak fisherman (including rod, reel, etc.) in one swoop. I’m on a $1000 budget. According to the reviews, the two best kayaks I have found within my price range (both about $550 new) are the Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT and the Perception Pescador. Any thoughts about which of these is a better boat or other kayaks or cost considerations I have overlooked are appreciated.

Two questions…
What will you be fishing for and do you intend to keep your catch?

What kind of water will you be fishing in?

OK, so I’m kind of cheating on the first question with it being a two-parter. Still, you’ll get very different recommendations for smallmouth fishing in swift, shallow, rocky streams than you will fishing for white marlin in coastal waters.

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two answers
I’m a novice saltwater fisherman, but I think I’ll mostly be after Redfish and Spanish Mackerel. I’d like the option of keeping some that I catch.

I’ll be fishing in salt water primarily, but probably not out in the open ocean. More creeks, inter-coastal waterways, marshy areas, etc.

Thanks, that helps.
Unfortunately, that is different from the kind of fishing that I do. I’ll bow out and let those who do that kind of fishing in that kind of water to recommend something.

I’m more the catch-and-release smallmouth bass in swift, shallow, rocky streams kind of guy. The 10’ rockered boats we use would do nothing but frustrate the heck out of you in that situation.

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ll bean
I would try going to http://www.llbean.com/ .They have good fishing kayaks at a good price.

Salt Water Fishing
I do the same type of fishing you described, though I do venture into open water occasionally. I use either my OK Scupper Pro or Hurricane Phoenix 140. You pretty much have to outfit these boats for fishing yourself, but they are both stable, reasonably light and quick for SOTs, and can handle rough weather.

Not sure if you can find a Phoenix for under $1000, but I did, and if you can find a Scupper Pro at all, it should be well under $1000.

Perception Sport
I’m new to fly fishing from a kayak and just bought the Perception Pescador 12 from West Marine. I ended up getting 20% off the original price of $550 because the shipping process was so dreadful and the boat arrived with a few dings.

But I’m delighted with the boat itself. I have no comparison, but it tracks well for me, isn’t at all slow, and is very sturdy to fish from. It doesn’t have graded footwells, which was important to me. It comes with a good seat too. (This model is basically the same boat as the 2008/0 WS Tarpon 120, so for the price i think it’s a great boat). I’ve added scupper plugs.

I fish coastal marshes and estuaries and it is ideal for this.

Good luck – Jon