Which canoe or kayak do you miss least,

and which do you miss most? Of those you have sold, that is.

I don’t miss the Ram-yourself Coleman. If I tried to do the Redrock lift, roll,

and flip up to portage that heavy 17’ plastic barge, I’d be in the hospital right away.

It served some purpose, but glad it’s history for me.

I miss the royalex Bell Woodsman that was smooth paddling and great for rivers.

This would go good on the Discussion
Forum, but it really isn’t worth archiving, is it?

Maybe change the subject,
crap boats not to buy, good boats I’ve bought, then sold.

I see the editors awake today.

We need a delete button to delete posts
we don’t like or don’t think fit the category.

Editor’s, not editors.

the northwest synergy
it leaked like a sieve, and nw basically told me “tough”. the dealer stood up and gave me a credit for purchase price to another boat. (not a nw product!)

Actually I did miss the apostrophe
However it should be Editors’

With your version the apostrophe denotes a missing letter (or letters) which is nonsense in the context I used the word.

WS Cape Horn
I just wish it would go away so I can miss it.

Actually Cockneykayaker
It should be editor’s. The reference is to g2d, so it is singular and it is the contracted form of “editor is”. Editors’ denotes the possesive of more than one editor.

Since it seems to have been
determined that your query is acceptable in this forum; my answer is, “Mad River - Courier”. It was the early 80’s and the beginning of solo white water boats. It was heavy, wide and had no rocker. It was probably great if you didn’t have to lift it and only wanted to go in a straight line on the river. I apologise and take full responsibility for mistakes in spelling, typo’s and errors in punctuation.

Rationality for post explained here -
I believe that my post comes under the category of advice.

While the overwhelming majority of advisory questions are pointed towards

what will work best for a person and their circumstances, the flip side

of that is what to avoid, and why.

That aspect is like inverse advice, and makes sense.

When we grow up, we lucky ones are advised as to what we should and must do,

and those who really care will also advise about what not to do.

I apologize if I have offended anyone by my post,

although I do not understand how it could be construed to be offensive,

or even out of place.

Whether the post has interest or not, it will fade away, like all posts do.

Happy Paddling!

Crap! It’s the forum appropriateness cop
Quick! Hide your slightly tangential topics!

g2d, you were a crossing guard in elementary school, weren’t you? I bet you were so cute with the little day-glo orange sash, telling other kids to stop running, asking to see their hall passes.

Maybe it’s a Brit-English thing
like spelling color “colour”, flavor “flavour”, and president “queen”.

It’s just g2d being g2d
Mick, I know you’ve been around a fairly long time, but technically, a p.net subscriber is still considered a newbie until g2d has deemed one of your threads to be in the wrong forum. It’s a rite of passage. Consider your cherry popped.

I’m not even irritated.
Brent has typed little guidelines for the forums, and I think this thread would have a happy and productive life on the Discussion forum, while not wasting archive space.

if only I knew what you folks were talking about…sure doesn’t seem to be much about boats

Never owned a bad boat
really. Had a twisted poly Skerray years ago that we named “lefty”. Other than that I’ve owned personally or via profession many boats/brands. None were perfect, all were decent. Don’t have a favorite really, don’t have a most disliked…

Good advice on boats to avoid.

Me Thinks Cabin Fever has Peaked…