Which canoe to bring

I’m going to meet up with Frank over New Years to do some Florida paddling, probably near Ocala, Florida. I’d prefer to shlep only one boat, since I’ll be stopping off in Birmingham to spend Christmas with my family, and will be driving over 1000 miles each way.

I’d love to bring the Magic, but I’m concerned the rivers, though slow moving, might be shallow in spots and I’d hate to scrape it up. The Freedom Solo would probably be a safer choice, but I’d sure like to get to paddle my (new) Magic.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


would be fine on most rivers in the Ocala area with possible exception of Juniper springs. We are going to Silver River in December where we always bring our composite boats. Oklawaha should be no problem either. Great paddles both.


Depends opon
whether or not you plan on swimming!

Sorry Doc, but you walked right into that one. Now I really am on Santa’s “Naughty” list. A lump of coal for me!

Have a great time, and bring back a picture of an alligator for me.


As Linda would say


Thanks Bob
I’m looking forward to a great time in Ocala.


If it’s slow

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Chances are it will be sand bottom, not rocks as long as you aren't too close to the shore. Then you might have some rough stuff.

Take the boat that you like best. After all, an unscratched boat is an unused boat.

Pretty much my thoughts


Don’t forget…
the pictures,Doc.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Any thing around Ocala can be done
with any boat you want.

We bring our kevlar kayaks and our ultralight kevlar 17 foot Jensen.

Most of the rivers and spring runs have beautiful snow white soft sand bottoms.



Any boat will do
I never had a plastic boat until I moved up north and encountered rocks. Rocks in florida are very rare the bottom is going to be mud or sand with some logs and cypress knees. At the coast you might find plenty of oyster shells but very very few rocks.