Which color Tsunami?

I know you all couldn’t care less which color boat I get, but if you don’t mind just take a second and let me know which one you think looks the best. I’m ordering a Tsunami 140 and I’m torn…

Red? Orange? Yellow?

Those are the three choices.

Thanks for allowing me to waste your time…


It all depends . . .
as usual on information you haven’t given us. What color are your hair and eyes? Describe your build and complexion. What color paddling clothes do you where? What color are the kayaks and clothes of any paddling partners? What setting do you paddle in? What color is your car/truck or other vehicle and do you plan to car top the boat?

And, of course, how big are your feet?

With that information I can work out some informed advice to tackle this difficult question.

What color is the “Thing” in the bow?

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If it is Gray it will go with any color..

A simple…
blue…or yellow would have been fine. You obviously aren’t very busy though. Sooo, blonde hair, green eyes, silver vehicle, size 12 feet (I didn’t consider shoe size, nice thinking!), yellow PFD. I hope this helps.

Let me know what you come up with…


I suppose next you’ll be asking what

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color of women to date, car to buy, tie and suit to wear, house and room paint.

I'd pick RED for me and wouldn't ask or care what anyone else liked unless they are paying for it.

Orange isn't an option...it's Mango.

I know it's a tough choice but Size 12s should be fine in any of them.

Of course you could flip a coin.

Good luck

ps. Before you ask...pick tails

Paddlin' on

Get the most frequently chosen color
Then when you sell it to upgrade you will have less trouble.

My wife has a blue one and I have a mango. Here are some pictures. http://s223.photobucket.com/albums/dd9/trlhiker/kayaking/

Thanks, Josh
Now I’ve got something to work with:

“blonde hair, green eyes, silver vehicle, size 12 feet (I didn’t consider shoe size, nice thinking!), yellow PFD. I hope this helps.”

First, as another blonde, I can tell you that yellow is a very bad color for you. We blondes tend to wash out badly against it, so stay away from a yellow boat.

The yellow PFD is already problematic–but I suppose you’ve had to spend so much money on those size 12s that your choice was limited.

The silver vehicle is good. Goes well with either red or orange. Green eyes are fine–although you could always get cosmetic contacts.

All in all, I think you should go with the orange, assuming it’s more of a mango rather than hunter’s orange. The red/yellow contrast is just to stark. A mango orange will mellow and set off your blonde hair and yellow PFD.

BTW: Go with blue or earth tone paddling clothes. A brunette for a wife and paint you house white with green trim.

a proper boat is white

Looks like…
they have orange and mango.


Not white
It’s after Labor Day, so white is definitely taboo.

Yellow boat behind a silver vehicle is also not acceptable. That leaves mango and red. Your PFD and shoe size work together to eliminate mango.

Red will work with silver and with the green eyes would be very Christmasy. But that is a little too traditional for a hip guy like you, so the answer is green with gold trim.

You’re welcome.


None of the above
Go for blue or green. You’ll see more wildlife.

You’re right
They made it easy to keep up with the names thanks to the Tsunami line. Now it is just colors.

I’m still a RED kayak paddler.

I was leaning…
toward the RED.

You are a very clever bunch by the way…very clever.

And get a brown & white dog

I vote for orange…just to be different from your last boat. Beside, those “Roll Tide” stickers of yours will look especially good on an auburn colored boat…hee hee.

Seriously, if you go with Wilderness Mango, you never know quite what you’re going to get. Sometimes it’s half orange-half yellow, sometimes it more of one or the other, sometimes it’s almost all one and little of the other. I’ve seen good blends and bad blends. Orange is a safe bet so you’ll know what to expect if ordering online. I’ve seen 2 mango boats side by side that looked noting alike…

Get orange- don’t listen to anyone

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who recommends another color. I am in the "advanced" category of paddlers who can select colors of boats along with coordinating and/or contrasting colors of peripherals and equipment.

Like Snowflakes …
No Two Mangos are alike either…

Oranges on the other hand are hard to tell apart.

I’ve been call a lot of things
but I don’t know if cleaver is on the list.

I’ll look forward to paddling with another Tsunami paddler regardless of color. They all float.

There will be an opportunity offered for a week long semi-wilderness self sufficient kayak trip in May, hope you’ll consider joining some or part of it. Surely we’ll meet before then.

Red Ones are faster
This is true with Pamlicos and Wildy Systems makes them, too, so you might as well get the

fastest color that advanced WS design can bring you.

Did you sell your blue Tsunami 125? Saw it on eBay.